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Write a Family Newsletter
by Bea Sheftel and Margaret Ingram Keeping your family informed of your life should be more than a once a year Christmas letter. Here are two ways to share with others.
You Can Be A Life Historian
by Margaret L. Ingram If you write about your life in a journal, keep memoirs, create family newsletters, then you are a life historian.
Preserving Your Memories In A Scrapbook
by Bea Sheftel
a.gif What is the difference between a scrapbook and a photo album? What does journal and memoir writing have to do with scrapbooks? Read the article and find out.
The Writing Plan (An Introduction)
by Bea Sheftel This is a preview of the special paid report or ebook I'll be creating in PDF format. The writing plan include follow up through my subscriber list which is free.
Power and History (Guest article)
by Margaret L. Ingram Is there power in history? Is there power in sharing our personal and family history? This author, lecturer and teacher knows the value of keeping a record of your own family history.
My World in Crochet
by Bea Sheftel Crocheting was a hobby my mother taught me and it comes with memories of the past linked to the future.
Tribute to George Harrison
by Bea Sheftel and Melody Cryns The story of the Beatles is one of memoir because it reminds me of the past when I was a young teacher living in Brooklyn. It is also a tribute to George Harrison who died on November 29, 2001

Click here to purchase this Beatle poster.

Posters: Posters of the Beatles

Memorial to Life
by Dari Lavender Dari wrote this essay about how she faced the death of her beloved father. It was meant to comfort those who had to face the death of a loved on. She continued to tell of the death of a baby and how that Christian family turned grief into a praise workship. Originally this was sent as an email. It is very touching. She allowed me to reprint it here.
My Father's Last Year Brought Us Together Again
by Bea Sheftel The sins of the past were forgiven during the last year's of my father's life. No one is perfect and it was time to forgive and to be united in love.
Your Memoirs can be published
by Bea Sheftel There are many opportunities to sell your memoirs to book anthologies. Here is one for Cup of Comfort with advise from an experienced writer. (Me!)
The Best Christmas
by Bea Sheftel A humorous look back at life at home with a difficult father. This Christmas was special because we enjoyed the day. This was previously published in Survivor's Wit.
Christmas Wasn't Norman Rockwell Perfect
by Bea Sheftel Christmas at home wasn't Norman Rockwell perfect and yet I look back with nostalgic longing.
Editor Says, "Don't Write for Free!"
by Angela Adair Hoy
a.gif Angela Hoy is the co-owner of, the largest-circulation freelance writing ezine in the world featuring new freelance jobs and paying markets every Wednesday. This is her view of why writing for free is wrong and hurts freelancers.
Another Guest Writer Tells us about Christmas in Ireland
by Lori Alexander Lori Alexander has written other memoirs for me about her life in Ireland. This one on Christmas is very special. Read and enjoy.
A Guest Writer remembers her Nana
by Kathleen Cyr A touching account of a young woman who copes with grief and guilt over the death of her grandmother, and learns a lesson in love.
Keep in touch with Ecards
by Bea Sheftel Keeping in touch with friends and family is easy and free if you use one of the free ecard services on line. Old friends and family can help with your memoirs.
Make Money From Your Memoir Writing
by Bea Sheftel A plan to turn your writing into money making published articles,stories and poems. It might take a month or more to implement but it is worth it.
Memories of Christmas Past
by Bea Sheftel
a.gif Memories of Christmas with my family in Brooklyn, New York
I Was There on September 11
by Bea Sheftel and anonymous A touching essay about the events of September 11 as well as other tragic events. Something to think about.
Harry Potter and US
by Bea Sheftel We were the only adults without children at the Harry Potter movie, but we are kids at heart.
Irish Thanksgiving
by Lori Alexander An American living in Ireland relates her experiences with Thanksgiving on the Emerald Isle.
Christmas Is a Season, Not a Day
by Bea Sheftel After some soul searching I've come to a new conclusion about what Christmas is all about.
How To Start Your Memoirs
by Bea Sheftel An easy way to jog your memory and start an outline for your memoir writing
Some Memories Are Sad, But Remind You of how far you've come
by guest writer KC
a.gif KC learned the hard way that her choice in men was wrong. Fortunately she got out before her life was totally destroyed, but had to hit rock bottom first.
Melody's Halloween Story
by Melody Cryns
a.gif My friend Melody is a talented writer who loves adventure. She find sit everywhere, even in her quiet farming community in California. This is her story of Halloween night, 2001.
Remembering the 1960's
by Bea Sheftel What decade do you remember? For us, we were young adult, married in the 1960's and part of a changing world.

Far From Home
by Lori Alexander, MW An editor of an expatriot magazine in Ireland asked Lori to write an article. "We need to show the world that it is safe for Americans to live and travel abroad". Lori shares her views here.
Biking for Two
by Bea Sheftel Mild fall days remind me of biking in Prospect Park with my future husband.We were young and in love and having fun.
My Beagle Angel
by Mae Hochstetler When Mae was pregnant her husband bought her a statue of a beagle dog with angel wings on his back.It looked like the dog who saved her life.
Praying Blessings
by Bea Sheftel What part does religion and faith play in your life? Here is an experience from when our son was a teenager.
In the News see all headlines...
Cat and Kittens Found Alive in Rubble of WTC

A cat and her kittens were found alive in a box of napkins in a former restaurant at the World Travel Center site.
9News Staff

Media Bias Evident in Reports
UNIVERSITY TEXAS AUSTIN REPORTING MEDIA BIAS BALANCED JOURNALISM In the initial days following the Sept. 11 tragedy, media representatives did an excellent job covering "spot news," but now need to be careful to find middle ground in their reporting, say two University of Texas at Austin journalism professors.
University of Texas Journal
FBI and CIA Warn of Probable New Attacks on America
FBI and CIA sources warned congress of probably new attacks on America after the U.S. hits Afghanistan targets.
Daily News/Yahoo
All That Glistens
Maureen Dowd, columnist, wrote a great editorial today about how the terrorists attacked American culture but failed. You have to sign in and register but it is free.
New York Times Maureen Dowd
Suite101 editors focus on the tragic events of 9-11-2001
There is an event in the works at Suite101 that will focus on the tragic events that transpired in the United States this past Tuesday. The link to it is
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Write From Home
Write From Home-helping writers manage kids and clips under one roof. A free e-zine for freelancing parents.
freelance work exchange
Provides access to a wealth of freelance jobs and resources. Visitors can receive a FREE report on the top markets, a course of market tips and a twice-weekly Freelance Job Report.
Writers Weekly Newsletter
A free subscription to a market list which list opportunities for writers. This is one of the best!
Freelance Work Exchange
Market information for writers and free writing ebooks
Author's Den
My author page at author's den
Christian Publishing Company for books, magazines,memoirs
You can order Obadiah Magazine or any one of the marvelous Christian books written from personal experience and memoirs. I recommend:When a Woman Prays by Tina L. Miller ($15.95 U.S.) Miracles can happen when a woman prays. Tap into the power of prayer and change your life. Develop your own very personal, intimate relationship with God. Fill your soul with His peace. Discover the power of prayer in your life & be blessed!
Free financial advice for victims of September 11th attack
An Opposing Viewpoint on Writing for Non Paying Sites
Why Should I Write For Non-Paying Sites? by Dorothy Thompson
Posters To Stir Your Memories
Beautiful posters at reasonable prices. Be inspired.
journaling and memoir writing as healing arts by Kay Marie Porterfield.
GLORY: A Nation's Spirit Defeats the Attack on America
Participate in the healing process as you read about the traumatic events of 9/11 in the Second Chances, Angels and Remembering sections written by the people who lived them.
Inspired to Journal
All about writing your personal experiences in a journal.
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From Memories to Manuscript
A five-step method for writing your memoires

On Writing by Stephen King
For writers and readers of Stephen King. Highly recommended.

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From Memories to Manuscript
A five-step method for writing your memoires
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From Memories to Manuscript
A five-step method for writing your memoires

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